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Welcome to Cedana

Cedana (/ce'dana/) is a pause/migrate/resume system for compute. We leverage insight into the Linux Kernel (through CRIU and other methods) to checkpoint and restore workloads across instances and vendors.

We are working on building a global, real-time system for compute. This means a paradigm shift in how we allocate resources to things like high performance computing, numerical simulation and training and running machine learning models.

The best use case right now is demonstrated by the open source cedana-cli tool, which allows user access to compute across multiple cloud providers through a single point of entry. These docs aim to help users of cedana-cli access our managed service.

These docs also serve to help users wishing to directly take advantage of our checkpoint/migrate/restore service, which is a subset of the above cedana-cli tool.

Take a look at the sidebar for further information, including a link to play with our demo. To get started with our API for the checkpointing service or to interact with the market using our CLI, check out the next page!